Queer Stories Tell the Truth

Nicole And Jonas Maines Awtt Portrait

The First Congregational Church (Camden, Maine) and Americans Who Tell the Truth will be hosting a multi-event celebration of queer story telling in Orono, Maine, January 14 – February 6.

AWTT to be Honored by Maine Art Education Association

Rob In Orono Small

We are pleased to announce that Americans Who Tell the Truth has been named the 2024 Maine Art Education Association’s Art Advocate of the Year.  MAEA announced the 2024 award in a letter this week from the Association’s president, Cory Bucknam, to artist Robert Shetterly and AWTT education director Connie Carter: “Your creative and dedicated […]

Orono Rocks Community-wide Event

Sojourner Truth Awtt Portrait

Through a collaborative effort, the Orono Public Library, the Town of Orono, and RSU 26 ( the Orono schools) brought an exhibition and presentation of the Americans Who Tell the Truth portraits to the Orono, Maine community, October 6-November 10, 2023.  Thirteen portraits and the accompanying biographies were displayed in retail businesses, banks, offices and […]

AWTT Urges Dialogue on Difficult Issues

Dennis Kucinich Awtt Portrait

Americans Who Tell the Truth – and founding artist Robert Shetterly – recognize that the truth isn’t always obvious or easily discovered. We must search hard for answers. Turning away, or closing our eyes, to the harsh realities is not a solution. This past month, Shetterly dug into the written word to explore his truths. […]

Some Notes In a Time of Genocide

Tilly Woodward Awtt Portrait

I call it cruel and maybe the root of all crueltyTo know what occurs but not recognize the fact.                                                — William Stafford This beautiful, somber painting, as much meditation as painting, was sent to me by the artist Tilly Woodward who lives in Iowa. It’s a small bird’s abandoned nest – a ground nester, I guess, […]

Mitch McConnell, the Military Industrial Complex, and Being Appalled

Dwight Eisenhower Awtt Portrait

I use the word “appall” too much. I’ve been appalled at government and corporate corruption; I’ve been appalled at cavalier war making and its awful consequences. Exhaustingly appalled at the depth of U.S. racism. Appalled at environmental degradation and the failure of governments to base policy on the reality of  climate change. I’ve been appalled […]

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