Speaking Truth To Youth

Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) believes in the power of art and story to motivate people into action. Our Speaking Truth to Youth short video series offers youth and adults the opportunity to hear directly from AWTT portrait subjects – what led them to become activists, what guides them, where they find hope and courage, and what advice they have for young people today. AWTT’s living portrait subjects share the essence of who they are and what feeds their souls. They say it best: “have a soft heart and tough skin,” “open your eyes, be astonished, do something,” “know the difference between right and wrong and act accordingly,” “love is what we need to create the world we want to inhabit.”  Listen to the spoken words of Truth Tellers as we bring these portraits to life.

Speaking Truth to Youth Videos

These Speaking Truth to Youth videos reflect AWTT’s belief that our portrait subjects are not superheroes but real people whose work is driven by moral courage and a passion for truth and justice. In these interviews, we hope to capture them in that spirit – sitting at home, sharing their thoughts in conversation. They are intentionally unpolished and authentic. We hope you enjoy a window into the lives of these models of courageous citizenship and realize that you, too, can be an activist – someone with the courage to act for social, economic, and environmental fairness. It’s your moment!

Watch artist Robert Shetterly’s brief introduction to the video series