Becci Ingram Awtt Portrait

Brewer Community School hosts AWTT exhibit

Brewer Community School in Brewer, Maine is hosting an exhibit of ten AWTT portraits from April 1 through May 3, 2024. The paintings are displayed in the windows along the main hallway by the library.  The exhibit includes information about the artist, Robert Shetterly, and the people depicted in the paintings.

Maulian Dana Awtt PortraitStudents and community members may recognize some of the faces, including Maulian Bryant (formerly Maulian Dana), Maine’s first officially appointed Penobscot Nation Tribal Ambassador who has worked since her teen years to eliminate stereotyping of Native Americans. The quote etched into her portrait says: “There is power in unity. When tribal nations are seen as sovereign bodies we can work together toward a better relationship with other governments. When cities and towns celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, a foundation of trust and understanding can be created. When we are seen as people and not stereotypes or mascots, we can build on shared humanity. It is truly all about respect.”

Also included in the exhibit is the portrait of Becci Ingram, who said, “I have a dream that can open your eyes. I believe that dream never dies. I dream of a world where all people can be free. Overweight people, and gay people, and people like me.” Born with Down Syndrome, Becci became an actor, founded her own theater company, wrote more than eighty plays, and effectively advocated for offering people with disabilities the opportunity to develop their talents and unrecognized potential.

Visit the Brewer Community School during the month of April to learn more about these remarkable individuals and their inspiring stories.


Apr 01 2024 - May 03 2024


8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Brewer Community School
92 Pendleton Street, Brewer, Maine
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