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Unveiling of Craig Williams portrait at Berea College

AWTT was pleased to receive local news coverage of Robert Shetterly’s most recent portrait unveiling: Craig Williams.

Here are some excerpts from WBONTV’s April 2, 2024 story by columnist Andy McDonald:

“Environmental advocate and community leader Craig Williams was honored Thursday with the unveiling of a portrait, part of a series entitled ‘Americans Who Tell the Truth.’. . .

“Shetterly said he conducted a lot of research on Williams and his work in preventing the incineration of some 523 tons chemical weapons at the Blue Grass Army Depot, as well as nerve agents at eight other chemical weapons storage sites in the United States. . . .

Berea Craig Williams Unveiling
Artist Robert Shetterly with portrait of Craig Williams at the unveiling

” ‘This will be a story that I will be telling now – about courage, about perseverance,’ Shetterly said of Williams before unveiling the portrait. ‘It’s not everyday that someone stands up against the Pentagon and achieves something.’ . . .

“Williams now stands among more than 260 honorees portrayed in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series, which are exhibited in university libraries, schools, as well as in other venues in 38 states. Several of the portraits are currently on display in the Hutchins Library.

“Following the unveiling, Williams credited many others who helped make the honor possible.  ‘There are no words to express, after 40 years of doing this, how embarrassing it still is to get these sorts of recognitions. I’ve gotten many, and each time I share the exposure and the gratitude with all of the people that made this happen,’ Williams said. Among others, Williams thanked Kentucky Environmental Foundation founder Peter Hille, Pamela Corley for initiating his recognition in the series, as well as the late Doug Hindman, whom he cited as a friend and mentor. Williams also expressed gratitude for the support of his family, many of whom were present at Thursday’s ceremony, including his wife, Teri, his father-in-law, his daughter, as well as his grandson and granddaughter.

” ‘They’ve given me the support that I’ve needed to pursue this for my own conscience and for everyone’s well-being,’ Williams said. . . .

“Also in attendance at the ceremony was Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley, who said Williams’ legacy will impact the community and beyond for years to come.

“ ‘I think the overall legacy that Craig will leave for the community is the example that individuals can and should make a difference in policy, in the safety of their community, and in the future of their community,’ Fraley said. ‘Madison County and Berea are safer today because of his efforts, and public safety and environmental health will also be a part of his legacy.’ “

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