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Teach your students to think like activists. Show them how to be citizens in a democratic society. Engage them in finding solutions for real world problems. With these tools and the confidence to use them, they will discover their own voices as citizens. Learn more about Americans Who Tell the Truth’s portrait subjects. Figure out what traits Truth Tellers share. Become more engaged with the community and truth-telling role models.

Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) lesson plans provide a resource for educators who wish to teach the tools of engaged citizenship and involve students in solving the world’s problems. AWTT also invited teachers who have used the portraits to submit lesson and activity plans that could be used in middle, high school, or university classes to build bridges between the classroom and the most important issues affecting students’ lives. Our team has edited and curated these activities and lessons to offer educators and their students opportunities to engage in the thought processes, lives, and dedication of activists who work for economic, social, and environmental justice.

“Through AWTT we are able to look at issues and values, freedom and democracy, human rights and public health, access to education and issues of equity, equality, sustainability, restoration and regeneration at both micro and macro levels — locally, nationally and globally — with absolutely inspiring art to boot!”

Steve Ritz

South Bronx Educator
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We are here to help. Contact us to learn more about using AWTT portraits and lessons in your classroom. If you have an idea for a lesson using these portraits, please share it with us and see if we can help provide additional resources.