On Presidential Immunity


Artist Robert Shetterly confronts his fears about the recent Supreme Court decisions on presidential immunity and the powers of administrative agencies.

Bernard Lown Unveiling

Bernard Lown Portrait

On Friday evening, June 7th, 2024, in the atrium of the Bates Mill in Lewiston, Maine, we honored  Dr. Bernard Lown by unveiling his new AWTT portrait on what would have been his 103rd birthday.

Review: Samantha Smith Challenge Celebration

Ssc 2024 Students

As we look back over another year of the Samantha Smith Challenge program, we are encouraged by the focus, talent and courage of these middle school and high school artist/activists. Their topics are their own – always new and varied: architectural design in public places; addressing eating disorders; how to address depression and anxiety; many […]

Who’s the Teacher Now?

Sojourner Truth Awtt Portrait

I’m thinking about the students on college campuses today protesting the Israeli violence in Gaza. I’m thinking about what it means to be a teacher and a student.

Student Protests Over Gaza

1963 March On Washington

It warms my heart and stirs my sense of righteous rebellion to see the proliferation of student protests on college campuses and in city streets, in opposition to the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza. It’s also dejá vu. Many folks my age took part in the campus protests of the 1960s and ‘70s over civil […]

Samantha Smith Challenge: 2024 Celebration!

Americans Who Tell The Truth Samantha Smith Challenge

The final event of AWTT’s Samantha Smith Challenge season will take place at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine, on May 22, 2024. Student groups from all parts of Maine will exhibit their projects. We will also be doing some fun, creative small group activities during the all-day event. Students will hear from AWTT artist Robert […]

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