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Nobel Laureate Jody Williams Joins Call for An International Anti-Corruption Court

April 20, 2022

Ian Lynch, Integrity Initiatives International

Jody Williams tops the list of thirty Nobel Laureates who have recently signed onto the Declaration calling for the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC).

“The Declaration advocates for a new international court to punish and deter grand corruption – the abuse of public power for private gain by a nation’s leaders (kleptocrats) – which thrives in many countries and has devastating consequences for climate change, human rights, human health, and international peace and security, as has been made tragically evident by the war in Ukraine,” reports businesswire.com. 

“Tackling corruption is fundamental to bolstering democracy around the world. New international institutions are also critical elements of strengthening multilateralism and the rule of law which have been under attack in recent years,” said Williams.

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