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The Coolest Show

April 12, 2022

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, The Coolest Show

Rev. Lennox Yearwood’s podcast, The Coolest Show,  is entering its fourth season.

The show is described as “your weekly dose of conversations that reimagine how Black, Indigenous, and Brown people thrive in our environment. … connecting you to brilliant leaders from the culture, grassroots, and politics. Our guests bring their full selves and lived experiences to each episode. The Coolest Show is a safe space to build community based in our humanity. Here we discuss how we fight the racist policies that have led to brutality, pollution and the climate crisis in our communities. If you are looking for ways to fight for Black liberation and fight for climate and environmental justice, this is the show for you.”

Yesterday’s guest was a dynamic 23-year-old environmental lawyer, Arielle King. In this episode, titled “Black, Young and Rising,”  King talked about her work and how she was able to find and build safe spaces to center her “why.”

The opener for the season – last week – was Bronx native and national media personality HeadKrack, speaking to Rev. Yearwood about the parallels between activists and artists.

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