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Earth Advocates: Zeitgeist Matters

As we eagerly anticipate the September publication of our new book Portraits of Earth Justice, AWTT’s portrait subjects just keep on doing what they do. Here are some recent news stories about a few of those tenacious climate advocates.

At age 61, Bill McKibben is still charging full steam ahead. Here is a short list of stories about McKibben that have appeared in just the past 24 hours:

The Crucial Years: “If you want to know who changed Manchin’s mind–you did. . . . this is a win engineered by everyone who ever wrote a letter to the editor, carried a sign at a march, went to jail blocking a pipeline, voted to divest a university endowment, sent ten dollars to a climate group, made their book club read a climate book. It’s for the climate justice activists who brought this fight into whole new terrain, the scientists who’ve protested, the policy wonks who wonked, and the people whose particular fights may have been sacrificed by the terms of this deal. . . .”

Keep Vermont Cool webinars: “The most important thing an individual can do is be less of an individual and join together with others in groups large enough to push for changes in the basic political and economic ground rules, because that’s what we need.”

Christianity Today; The Russell Moore Show: “Tune into this episode for a discussion between two men who do not always agree yet respect each other’s intellectual positions and work. McKibben and Moore discuss the influence of the past on the present, how comfortability affects Christian formation, and the importance of solidarity. Their discussion touches on history, science, philosophy, theology, and politics—and how the gospel affects it all.”

Naomi Klein Awtt Portrait
AWTT Portrait of Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein wrote a column in The Intercept recently responding to the U.S. Supreme Court’s devastating decision in West Virginia vs. E.P.A. – the case that severely restricts the scope of the E.P.A.’s policy-making powers. She concludes that Biden and the democrats “have just been handed a winning platform: Use the Supreme Court’s attack on urgent carbon control as a catalyst to build a more meaningful democracy and take transformational climate action at the same time. If they decide to run with it, everybody on this planet wins. If they refuse, they deserve every loss coming their way.”

Kelsey Juliana Awtt Portrait
AWTT Portrait of Kelsey Juliana

Youth v. Gov update: After seven years the Juliana v. U.S. youth plaintiffs (some now in their twenties) are still battling their way through federal court, demanding a trial on their claims. Over the course of a decade, Our Children’s Trust has launched youth-led climate lawsuits and legal actions in all 50 states. It also represents, supports, and inspires youth and attorneys around the world who develop and advance legal actions. “The success of our partners include: Norway’s successful adoption of a public trust-based constitutional climate amendment, which is now pending in the Norwegian Supreme Court; Urgenda’s big court win in the Netherlands mandating specific national emission reductions; and the Supreme Court of Pakistan allowing young Rabab Ali’s constitutional climate case to proceed on behalf of the public and future generations.” Learn more at Our Children’s Trust and Youth v. Gov.  

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