Dorothy, Samantha, Claudette, Barbara and Jaysa on the Yellow Brick Road

Samantha Smith Challenge Awtt Portrait

One of the great adventures in literature and myth is that of the Hero’s Journey. A  person – in fairy tales it’s often a young prince, but really anyone – young or old, male or female, LGBTQ, of any race or ethnicity, sets out on a quest. The quest may be to rescue someone in […]

Children as Teachers

ArtRage Shetterly and Students 2

Artist Robert Shetterly reflects on what he learned from the Dr. Weeks Elementary School in Syracuse.

Thoughts after the Symphony

Steven Donziger Awtt Portrait

AWTT Education Director Connie Carter relates a recent AWTT book signing event to he afternoon at the symphony.

The Elusive Truths of Democracy

Nichols Book Jacket

Shetterly’s reflections on John Nichols’ new book about Henry Wallace and his advocacy for true democracy after the end of the Depression.