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A Public Conversation in Asheville, NC with Robert Shetterly and Rev. Dr. William Barber II

On September 20, 2015, Robert Shetterly and Rev. Dr. William Barber II participated in a public conversation about courage, activism, and social justice.

In Part 1, Shetterly responds to questions about the Americans Who Tell the Truth project. Barber arrives at about the 16 minute mark. In Part 2, listen to a fascinating conversation about the word “militant”, its use in nonviolence, and the importance of militant women to the long struggle for justice. This was part of a program organized around a show of 52 of Shetterly’s portraits that were on display at the YMI Cultural Center in Asheville, North Carolina. The show then moved from Asheville to Greensboro. People who wish to see the portraits in Greensboro can visit the International Civil Rights Center & Museum until February 13, 2016. The show was organized by Ellie Richard with the help of many key volunteers.

Bring Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) original portraits to your community.