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Youth Plaintiffs File Urgent Motion to Stop the U.S. Government From Causing Irreparable Climate Harm

Although the youth plaintiffs in federal court case Juliana v. U.S. lost a key procedural battle in late December, they are not slowing down. In mid-February they filed a new motion, urging the court to issue a preliminary injuction to stop imminent destructive acts. 

“In their urgent motion, the youth ask the court to issue the injunction before the March 20 lease sale for new oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Department of Interior seeks to sell approximately 78.5 million acres of offshore federal public lands for new fossil fuel development. The motion also points to 60 new oil and gas pipelines, 32 new liquefied natural gas and coal terminals, and one new deepwater port oil export facility awaiting federal approvals.”

Read full press release here

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