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Youth Art Month Celebration Honors AWTT

Artist Robert Shetterly and AWTT Director of Education Connie Carter were honored on Saturday, March 9, 2024 during Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art. The Maine Art Education Association named Americans Who Tell the Truth as the 2024 Art Advocate of the Year. 

Robert Connie Classroom Small

“Your creative and dedicated efforts using art education as a way to inspire teachers and students to participate in environmental and social justice activism is recognized by many. This is our most gracious thanks for your continued work at the state and national levels and for the difference you make in shaping informed, creative, and active citizens in our democracy,” says Cory Bucknam, Maine Art Education Association President.

Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art (PMA) is an annual exhibition showcasing the incredible talent in Maine’s art education programs, from kindergarten through high school.

AWTT Education Director receives Art Advocate of the Year award.

Reflecting on the power of art, award recipient Connie Carter commented, “The variety of [student] art was exceptional — everything from “I Love My Dog” to “The Iceberg’s Last Sunset” — every single one, unique; every single one, made me stop, think, consider.”

In collaboration with the Maine Art Education Association (MAEA), the PMA presents artwork made by young artists in our communities. Youth Art Month is also an opportunity to highlight the art educators in our schools and the importance of and access to quality art programs. Art educators help to inspire and empower young artists, creating avenues for young artists to express their creativity, find their voice, and cultivate communication skills. Read more on the PMA site.

The Maine Arts Education Association, the grantor of the award, was established:

  • To encourage best practices in standards-based and learner-centered visual arts classrooms in all Maine schools.
  • To foster high quality teaching in visual arts and provide professional opportunities in curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as in current issues and artistic practice.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and support collaboration among educators and other arts agencies to ensure quality programs for all learners.

More events are planned for the 2024 celebration, including a gathering at the Hall of Flags at the Maine State House in Augusta, on Wednesday March 20, 2024. Read more here

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