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Washington Post: John Kiriakou To Prison

The Washington Post reported today on whistleblower, John Kiriakou´s send-off to prison. The event was held at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC with views of the White House and Washington Monument. 

Kiriakou was quoted in article as saying  “I’m proud of my career. I still love the CIA — crazy as that may sound. . . . I wear my conviction as a badge of honor…My case was about torture. The CIA never forgave me for exposing the torture program and saying it was U.S. government policy.”

The event was co-sponsored by Code Pink (co-fouders, Medea Benjamin and Diane Wilson are included in the AWTT series). Emma´s Revolution (singers Sandy O and Pat Humpries portraits are part of AWTT) performed, singing, “Have you been to jail for justice?” Listen to that song sung by Peter, Paul and Mary