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Students Teach Shetterly Important Lessons

Since schools reconvened in August and September, AWTT artist Robert Shetterly has been on the road with his paintings, engaging in always-surprising discussions with students.

Here is a glimpse of his fall calendar school visits:

ArtRage Gallery Shetterly and Students 1
Shetterly meets with students at ArtRage Gallery

Zuni Polytech – September 15 (virtual)
Vermont Academy – September 18-19
Bridgewater State University – September 20-22
Choate Rosemary Hall – September 28-30
Boston and Suffolk Universities – October 13 (Truth Tellers screening and talk)
Dr. Weeks Elementary School – October 28 (at the ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse)
Syracuse University, Maxwell School – October 28
Jefferson College – November 8
Tremont School – November 16

These school visits are in addition to a full slate of gallery talks, film screenings and other community-based events.

For a deeper dive into this flurry of activity, read Shetterly’s blog post about his visit with elementary school student in Syracuse, where he writes:

“I asked them what a citizen is. They defined it as a person who lives in a particular country. Then I asked, ‘What is a good citizen; how should a citizen act?’ They said that a good citizen is kind. A good citizen cares for people. A good citizen shows respect for others. No one mentioned voting; they were focused entirely on the behaviors that create loving and cohesive community. They have their priorities straight. Sometimes I wish that fifth graders were running the world.”

AWTT is also working with teachers – to broaden the reach of AWTT’s mission. More than ninety Maine educators attended AWTT’s November conference, where they shared ideas about bringing the arts into the classroom to enrichen curriculum and inspire students to become engaged citizens. Read more here

And in early December AWTT will be networking with social studies teachers from around the country at the 102nd annual conference of the National Conference for the Social Studies in Philadelphia. We’ll report on the take-aways from that outing next month.

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