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Sherri Mitchell: The Search for Why

December 27, 2020

Pop-Up Magazine

Penobscot Nation activist Sherri Mitchell‘s essay “Theory of Natural Connection” appears alongside her AWTT portrait in Pop-Up Magazine‘s year-end special “Year in Search: The search for why|.”

“The trees, the plants, the waters, the dirt, the rocks, the animals – we’ve been convinced that all of them are things instead of persons. This is a lie. The living world is, in fact, our relative. … The question we should be asking is, ‘How can we connect?'”

Through this Sunday magazine insert, Mitchell and her fellow authors reached a projected 300,000 people, including readers of The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Boston Globe, and Atlanta Journal Constitution.

View the entire publication here. (Scroll down to find Mitchell’s essay, at page 42.) 

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