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New Season of “Dirty Money” to Examine Formosa’s Role in Point Comfort

March 11, 2020

Kali Venable, Victoria Advocate

“Formosa’s Point Comfort facility is the subject of a documentary in the new season of Netflix’s “Dirty Money,” premiering worldwide [on March 11, 2020].

Directed by Margaret Brown, ‘Point Comfort’ was shot in and around the city for several days, Brown said.

Created by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and produced by Jigsaw Productions, “Dirty Money” is a six-part, provocative and controversial documentary series focused on exposing greed, crime and corporate corruption. The first season was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Documentary Award…

Environmental activist Diane Wilson is in the documentary. She has challenged Formosa for years and was a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit, which ended with a $50 million settlement and zero-discharge agreement.”

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