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Leah Penniman: Star Power

February 18, 2022

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Black urban farming is on the rise – and Leah Penniman is center stage.

Just this week, the print media featured The Black Fly Urban Farm Academy in Baltimore. And what books will these aspiring farmers read as part of their course work? “Leah Penniman’s Farming While Black is our seminal text.”

Yahoo! News also featured Penniman this month, – along with Ivy Walls, founder of Ivy Leaf Farms in South Houston, Tex. – in a story titled: “Meet the young Black farmers fighting environmental food injustice.”

Earlier Penniman’s work has inspired feature articles on Today and in The Washington Post

AWTT is happy to shine our spotlight on Penniman, as well. Her recent interview with AWTT’s Connie Carter is an inspiration. Penniman exudes so much good energy, intelligence and hope. 

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