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How Steven Donziger Became the Boomer Hero of the Millennial Left

June 05, 2022

P.J. McCormick, Rolling Stone

“In a room full of beards and beanies, DSA types, leftist podcasters, and Dimes Square affiliates, Steven Donziger — tall, striking, and 60 — stood out from the younger crowd. On a Wednesday night at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s trendy Baby’s All Right, known for hosting indie upstarts like Porches and Wet Leg, one could be forgiven for thinking Donziger, dressed in a shirt and blazer, was somebody’s chaperone. But the former environmental justice lawyer — just released from almost a thousand days of house arrest and confinement for his role in a 9.5-billion-dollar suit against Chevron — was the young crowd’s guest of honor, speaking on a panel alongside activists and indie acts.”

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