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Climate Crisis Made Worse By Presidential Mis-Leadership Throughout This Century

Dr. Margaret Flowers, along with co-author Kevin Zeese, responds to recent Obama conversation at the Baker Institute. Providing an overview of the last three administrations, including Trump, Flowers and Zeese conclude that meaningful response to climate crisis will not come from the top but from grassroots efforts:

Recently, we have seen how activity from below can impact political reality. The Green New Deal, developed in 2007 by Green Party activists, is now being taken on by Democrats. Establishment Democrats and Republicans will fight it, but it is making its way onto the agenda and will become reality if people keep mobilizing for it. The Extinction Rebellion, started in the United Kingdom, is growing around the world. And there is now a call to build towards a general strike in September with actions throughout the year, beginning on January 15. Follow #EarthStrike.

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