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AWTT Exhibit at Syracuse University: Inspiration Squared

Associated Press

All of Robert Shetterly’s 238 completed portraits in the Americans Who Tell the Truth project are on exhibit at Syracuse University through December 14th.

Syracuse opened the exhibit on November 28, 2018 in the Panasci Lounge of the Schine Student Center. This is the first time that all 238 portraits have been shown together. Nine of the portrait subjects were present at the opening.

The cumulative effect of all the portraits together is far greater than any one portrait alone. They become a congregation, an interactive mural, a chorus, a joyful song for justice.Robert Shetterly

To be in the presence of the souls that Robert has captured and whose stories he embodies is a sacrd moment.Betty Burkes

Read Robert Shetterly’s blog post – the artist’s experience of creating and viewing this exhibit.

I felt, rightly, that it was not me, not my conscious self or ego…. Rather, a value was working through me at that moment and it was responsible….Every portrait has saved my life.

Media coverage:

View this inspiring video of the opening event, including remarks by: Sandra Steingraber, Bill Ayers, Mara Sapon-Shevin, Louis Clark, Betty Burkes, Stephen Ritz, Jon Oberg, Joan Gussow, Ann Wright.

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