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‘Truth Tellers’ has a Powerful Message

May 23, 2022

Bill Nichols, Valley News

New Hampshire columnist Bill Nichols wrote an interesting review of “Truth Tellers” when it screened at Woodstock (NH) Town Hall earlier this month. 

“We’ve seen a lot of careful fact-checking in recent years, but no one seems to know how to protect citizens from the fire hose gush of dishonesty now assaulting all of us on some cable TV outlets and social media. So, filmmaker Richard Kane’s documentary Truth-Tellers: Robert Shetterly’s Journey to Uphold Our Founding Ideals is timely. “

Nichols’ piece highlights the portraits of Sojourner Truth, Walt Whitman, Bill McKibben, and musician/storyteller Reggie Harris, among others. 

“Taken together, Shetterly’s portraits suggest we live in a world where ordinary people are capable of courageously helping other ordinary people find truth for ourselves.”

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