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Sandra Steingraber Serves 10 Days for Anti-Fracking Protest

Yesterday, April 30, 2013, Sandra Steingraber, Melissa Chipman and Michael Daneen were released after serving 10 days of a 15 day sentence for trespassing during an anti-fracking protest. They were held in the Schuyler and Chemung County jails in New York state. 

Below are a series of links on Steingraber’s civil disobedience and her time in jail, including the letters she wrote from prison. 

Moyers & Company announce Steingraber’s release and show video of her exiting the prison. 

Watch Bill Moyers’ interview with Steingraber about her “fight against fracking and toxins contaminating our air, water and food.” Steingraber’s letters are a heartfelt call to action

An good overview of Steingraber’s work in the Toronto Star that refers to her as “the poet laureate of the environmental health movement” and includes quotes from her 11 year old son, Elijah, who says, “People think of my mom as a nice person who writes books. I think that she went to jail makes people shocked.

This article from the Finger Lake Times gives more context to the local issue that Steingraber and the “Seneca Lake 12” were protesting.  

Sandra Steingraber’s Letters from the Chemung County Jail

Sandra Steingraber’s Letter # 1. 

Sandra Steingraber’s Letter # 2. 

Sandra Steingraber’s Letter # 3. 

Sandra Steingraber’s Letter # 4. 

Sandra Steingraber’s Letter # 5. 

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