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Maulian Dana Receives Award for Tribal Justice and Advocacy

April 03, 2020

Nina Mahaleris, Bangor Daily News

“…This year, the 35-year-old activist [Maulian Dana] — who became the first-ever Penobscot Nation Ambassador in 2017 — was named a recipient of the Maryann Hartman Award, an annual award presented to local women who embody the spirit of the late University of Maine professor and humanitarian.

“The Maryann Hartman Award honors the spirit, achievement, and zest for life that Hartman epitomized,” according to Hartman’s biography. It recognizes the accomplishments of Maine women in the arts, politics, education and community service.

”The work of the women selected provides inspiration to others and demonstrates the levels of attainment now possible for women,…”

Article by Nina Mahaleris of The Penobscot Times and reprinted by the Bangor Daily News includes stories from Dana’s childhood and the influences that shaped her activism. 

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