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Listen to Rob’s Interviews with Some Truth Tellers at WERU

For more than a year Rob has been doing occasional interviews on WERU community radio from Orland, Maine with some of the people whose portraits he has painted. Below are the links to the archived interviews at WERU. Hal Crowther: Mostly about corporate power http://shows.weru.org/archives/specials/special_crowther-20061031 Natasha Mayers: Rob and Natasha speaking at Natasha’s art opening at the University of Southern Maine, Lewiston /Aubrun http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/voices-20061122 Ross Gelbspan: Conversation about Climate change. http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070224 Pete Seeger: http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070331 Tilly Woodward: Art that changes things http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/voices-20070505 Diane Wilson: Environmental activist. http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070526 Terry Tempest Williams: Environment. Rwanda http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkv-20070630 Cindy Sheehan: Iraq http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070721 Medea Benjamin: globalization, activism http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070908 Ray McGovern: Former CIA officer about war & intelligence http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20070929 Robert Jensen: Activist, feminist, builder of community http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20071020 Judy Bonds: mountaintop removal in West Virginia http://shows.weru.org/archives/voices/wkendvoices-20071215

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