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From “Ghetto Life 101” to Senator? An Interview With LeAlan Jones

AWTT portrait of LeAlan Jones NBC 5 Chicago interviews LeAlan Jones about his run for the Senate as the Green Party nominee. 

“LeAlan Jones has always been precocious.

At 11, he was discussing the war in Iraq with a TV journalist, sitting on a South Side stoop and fiddling with a baseball mitt while opining, “Bush wants too much oil.”

At 13, he made “Ghetto Life 101,” a documentary for WBEZ, following that up with a story about a five-year-old dropped from the window of a housing project. It made him the youngest journalist ever to win a Peabody Award.

Now, at 31, Jones is the Green Party nominee for the U.S. Senate. A poll [in mid-June] put him at 14 percent, which even he admits is mostly dissatisfaction with Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias.”

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