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Bree Newsome Bass: More on the Confederate Flag

In his Sunday NYT column, Charles Blow calls on Bree Newsome Bass to respond to Nikki Haley’s revisionist history concerning the Confederate flag. 

“Bass quite correctly saw Haley’s [statement] ‘as part of the ongoing revisionist history that people continue to engage in around Confederate symbology.’

…Let’s be clear: The Confederate battle flag we know today is an emblem of oppression, white supremacy and the fight to maintain slavery. That is its heritage.

…As [Bass] put it, when [white supremacist Dylann] Roof displayed the Confederate flag, ‘He was coming in the tradition of that racism and that violence.’

Bass makes a piercing point: The N.A.A.C.P. and the Ku Klux Klan ‘are in agreement about what the Confederate flag is.’There is no true ambiguity.”

Read entire Charles Blow column “Oh, Nikki. You’re So Wrong.”

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